Symphony Friends

Who are Symphony Friends?
The Friends are dedicated volunteers who contribute their time, talent and energy to promote the Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra.

What do Symphony Friends do?
They focus on outreach and hospitality by:

  • Hosting our annual gala fundraiser
  • Welcoming and fielding questions from concert guests
  • Housing musicians during winter storms
  • Providing transportation for guest artists
  • Representing the CSO at events such as Superday, where they share information about next season’s line-up with the public

When and how often do Symphony Friends meet?
The Friends meet at 5:30 p.m. on the last Thursday of the month at the CSO office (1920 Thomes Ave., Suite 400) and via Zoom.

How do I join Symphony Friends?
Membership is open to anyone with an interest in volunteer work on behalf of the Cheyenne Symphony! If that sounds like you, please call the CSO office at (307) 778-8561 for more information.

Symphony Friends

Terry Ball
Chuck & Julia Burke
Denise Dijkstal
Jim Dinneen*
Trudy Eisele
Mick Finnegan* – President
Nick Fuerst
Nikki Garman
Mary Guthrie
Anna Marie Hales*
Natalie Hales
Betty Lewis
Vic Lisek
Kim Lovett* – Treasurer
Debbie McCann

Toma Nisbet
Sharon Novick
Kathy Muller Ogle
Lucie Osborn*
Wendy Owen
Alaina Prestwood
Ann Ritschard
Carolyn Ritschard*
Toni Rogers
Bob & Barb Ruegge
Stephen Schmerge* – Past President
Betty Ann Shaffer
Sharon Tighe

* Denotes Board Liaison