Annual Fund

We would like to offer our sincere gratitude to the following individuals for supporting the Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra’s 2020-2021 Season:

Platinum Baton


Mr. Gregory C. Dyekman

Gold Baton



Bronze Baton


Lynn Simons

Maestro’s Circle



President’s Circle


Anonymous, In memory of Janet Andrews
Rick and Ibby Davis
Patricia Hays
Earl and Carol Kabeiseman
Bob and Nelda Lee
McCleery/Tullis Family, In memory of Col. Donald and Mrs. Patricia Joder
Dorothy Middleton
Mrs. Ann Adragna Norwood
Myra Monfort and Dr. William Runyan
Dr. Sandra Surbrugg and Dr. Robert Prentice
Steven and Mary Watt



Eleanor and Stuart Grinnell
Mike and Lana Mabee
Dave and Helen McCracken
James and Judith Myers
Kurt and Diane Nyffler, In memory of Yvonne Rothwell
Harry and Lucy Osborn
Dr. Harlan Ribnik
Mrs. Rozella P. Rice
Peter and Anna Ruble
Barbara and Robert Ruegge
Maide Wedell
Leola White
James and Paula Willms



Joan Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. George Barnes
Jim and Ray Dinneen
David and Carey Hartmann
Marguerite Herman and George Powers
Pete and Chloe Illoway
Joannides Family Foundation, In memory of Clark Smith
Hon. Alan Johnson, In memory of Fred Baggs and Hon. Edward Grant
Linda McGuire
Richard and Diane Morrison
Michael and Peggy Pruter
Dixie and Tom Roberts
Kathie Selden, In memory of Doug Owens and Clark Smith
Leslie Stewart
Betsy Taggart
Phillip & Carol Velez
David Vyain



James Anderson
Ms. Rosalyn Baker
Thomas Bittinger
Ms. Johnnie Burton
Jerry and Connie Calkins
Leo Canale
Jerry and Kathy Carlson
Mark and Marta Chenchar
Bob and Dee Clary
Jeanette Colville
Elizabeth Culligan
David Deloach, In honor of Romina Monsanto
Travis and Kim Deti
Barbara Dilts
Claire Dinneen, In memory of Clark Smith
John Dinneen
Ashley Driscoll
Mr. William Dubois
Wendy Fanning
Jacqueline Ferrall
Randy and Denise Fetzer
Mick and Margi Finnegan
Sarah Gadd and Fred Nasredine
Mark and Barb Gorges
Jay and Shelly Halle
Hon. George and Betsy Hartman
Debby Hunkins, In memory of Trid and Marie
James Intriligator
Robert and Kathleen Janssen
Max A. Kaser
Richard and Francine Kean
Alan and Lindi Kirkbride
Dennis and Patricia Lamb
Ingrid Larson
Kathleen Lowry
Mary Lou Marcum, In memory of Bobby R. Marcum
Renee Middleton
Wanda Mohatt and Gerald Laska
Alice Newsome
Mrs. Irene Oakes, In memory of Richard McCleery
Mary Ostlund
Keri Prichard
Todd and Lindsey Reynolds
Bruce and Kathleen Robbins, In memory of Clark Smith
Toni Rogers
Mary Jo Rugwell
Tom and Eryn Satterfield
Michael and Carla Schmid
Craig and Judy Schulz
Donald and Ursula Schultz
Jeff and Becky Tish
Aija Tobin
Cindy Vandewark
Jaye and Jenny Wacker
Bea and Squy Wallace
Craig and L’Or L. Whitehead
Dale and Claudia Wilen
Janet L. Williams
Dr. Russell and Mrs. Barbara Williams
The Wosny Family
Alvin and Gaela Young