Annual Fund

We would like to offer our sincere gratitude to the following individuals for supporting the Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra’s 2021-2022 Season:

Platinum Baton


Mr. Gregory C. Dyekman
Drs. Robert Prentice and Sandra Surbrugg

Gold Baton



Bronze Baton


Alice’s Lakeside Legacy, a donor-advised fund
Jane Iverson
Susan and Doug Samuelson
Lynn Simons

Maestro’s Circle


Anonymous, In memory of Janet Andrews
Stan and Mary Hartman
Ms. Myra Monfort and Dr. William Runyan

President’s Circle


Drs. Jasper Chen and Tracie Caller
Rick and Ibby Davis
Patricia Hays
Bob and Nelda Lee
Greg and Elizabeth Luce
Andrew McCleery, In memory of Donald and Pattie Joder
Laura and Robert McCoy
Larry Mellick
Mrs. Ann Adragna Norwood



Amy Brown, In honor of Becky Kutz Osterberg
Amy Brown
Bud and Claire Davis
Rev. and Mrs. Richard Gilbert
Dr. Stan and Mary Hartman
William Intriligator
Dallas Lain
Mike and Lana Mabee
Richard and Diane Morrison
James and Judith Myers
Kurt and Diane Nyffler
Elizabeth Oakes
Harry and Lucie Osborn
Jack and Suzanne Preiss
Rozella Rice
Shaun and TeraLyn Rocknak
Robert and Barbara Ruegge
Jeff and Becky Tish
Maida Wedell
Mike and Melissa Williams
James and Paula Willms



Anonymous, Donor Advised Fund
George and Kay Barnes
James Campbell
Jim and Ray Dinneen
Pete and Chloe Illoway
Joannides Family Foundation, In memory of Anthony Andrikopoulos
Linda McGuire
Renee Middleton
Tara Nethercott and Robert Lezenby
Chad and Mandy Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ruble
Steve and Christine Schmerge
Michael and Carla Schmid
Betsy Taggart
David Vyain
Alvin and Gaela Young



Steve and Lynn Achter
Ms. Rosalyn Baker
TJ and Krista Barttelbort
Tianna Belknap
Charles and Julia Burke
Ms. Johnnie Burton
Jerry and Connie Calkins
Jerry and Kathy Carlson
Christian Cherek
Kathleen Cook
Carol Davinroy
Ashley Driscoll
Dan Dugan and Ricarda Prentice
Paul and Sheryl Fanning
Mick and Margi Finnegan
Rayna Gravatt
Jeri Greigo
Eleanor and Stuart Grinnell
Carl and Laura Hallberg
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Halle
David and Carey Hartmann
Hon. Gary and Betsy Hartman
Marguerite Herman and George Powers
Jeff Hickman
Alan and Lucinda Houtchen
Thomas and Tammy Hudson
Debby Hunkins
James Intriligator
Steven Leafgreen
Victor and Anita Lisek
Kathleen Lowry
Scott and Amy Meier, In memory of Bill Dubois
Dorothy Middleton
Wanda Mohatt and Gerald Laska
Dan and Judy Moss
Alice Newsome
Mrs. Irene Oakes
Russell and Leslie Pedley, In honor of Dr. Rick and Ibby Davis
Nick and Stephanie Pickering
Reid Prentice and Tisha Myers
Michael and Peggy Pruter
Todd and Lindsey Reynolds
Hans and Carolyn Ritschard
Dixie and Tom Roberts
Ms. Toni Rogers
Tom and Eryn Satterfield
Joe and Brooke Schaffer
Kathleen Scheurman
Scot and Amy Schmidt
Craig and Judy Schulz
Donald and Su Schultz
Hans Seitz and Barbara Kloth
Kathie Selden
Dicky and Marianne Shanor
Rick and Karen Surbrugg
Kristine Van Kirk
Jaye and Jenny Wacker
Craig and L’Or L. Whitehead
Dale and Claudia Wilen
Ms. Janet L. Williams
Dr. Russell and Mrs. Barbara Williams