Led by Maestro William Intriligator, Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra (CSO) is a professional orchestra serving the city of Cheyenne and southeast Wyoming.

The mission statement of CSO is to organize, fund and responsibly manage a quality, professional symphony orchestra in order to provide musical enjoyment, growth and cultural outreach, and to act as a catalyst for other cultural and educational events contributing to the quality of life for residents of Cheyenne and the surrounding areas.

Thanks to the generous support of audiences, the community of Cheyenne, public-minded businesses, and corporate grants, CSO—a 501(c)(3) organization—directly impacts more than 10,000 adults and students through performances each year, as well as an additional 6,000 students through educational outreach programs.

CSO’s professional musicians reflect a high level of talent, musical capability and dedication, and are selected through a rigorous audition process. CSO musicians include faculty members from the University of Wyoming, as well as other colleges and universities in the region; most hold advanced music degrees and perform in multiple orchestras in addition to CSO.

Each season, CSO offers five Masterpiece concerts, a Holiday concert, and a Family Matinee in the Cheyenne Civic Center. Throughout the year, CSO also presents a series of chamber music concerts in Cheyenne homes or smaller venues, and offers an intensive educational outreach program for Laramie County School Districts #1 & #2.

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Board of Directors


Sheila Bush, President
Jim Dinneen, President Elect
Jessica Schneider, Treasurer
Jennifer Wacker, Secretary


Rick Davis
Dirk Dijkstal
Greg Dyekman, Executive Committee
Mick Finnegan
Elizabeth Furuiye, Cheyenne Symphony Musician Representative
Anna Marie Hales, Executive Committee
Dana Metzke, Cheyenne Symphony Foundation
Myra Monfort
Ann Adragna Norwood
Lucie Osborn
Robert Prentice
Carolyn Ritschard
Ila Roper
Steve Schmerge, Past President
Hans Seitz
Rebecca TIsh
L’Or L. Whitehead


Lindsey Bird Reynolds, Executive Director
Christian Cherek, Director of Marketing and Development
Christine Pelletier, Director of Community Engagement
Kristen Beeman, Orchestra Manager

Board of Directors’ Area

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