Adopt a Musician

By adopting a musician, you become an instrumental part of the CSO’s artistic success!

As an adopter:

  • Your adopted chair (or podium) will be adorned with a red band for one concert season
  • Your name will appear under your adopted musician’s name in the concert program
  • You will be invited on a backstage tour to take a look behind the scenes
  • You will be invited to an exclusive “Meet the Musicians” event

To adopt a musician, please call our office at 307-778-8561 or click on the button below.

Thank you so much to the individuals who adopted musicians for the 2022-2023 season!


$5,000 ($2,500/$2,500)

William Intriligator* – Dr. Rick & Ibby Davis / Ms. Myra Monfort & Dr. William Runyan



Stacy Lesartre* – Drs. Sandra Surbrugg & Robert Prentice



Jackson Bailey
Thomas Bittinger
Colin Constance* – Robert & Barbara Ruegge
Melanie Fisher* – Suzanne & Jack Preiss
Alan Harvey* – Dorothy  Middleton
Tonya Jilling* – Ms. Myra Monfort & Dr. William Runyan
Gina Johnson* – Robert & Barbara Ruegge
Jennifer Lyford
Derek McDonald* – David Shaner Memorial Chair
John Neurohr
James Przygocki* – Anna Marie & Sloan Hales
Ysmael Reyes* – Kim & Brian Lovett
Derek Sawyer* – Anonymous
Ben Shafer* – In memory of Susan Jacobson
Kellan Toohey* – JJ Chen
Beth Vanderborgh



Benjamin Hornacek
Daniel Moore
Leslie Stewart* – Hans & Carolyn Ritschard



Garrett Aman
Kristen Beeman
Lee Blackmore* – Anonymous
Patrick Cavanaugh
Kathryn Eagles
Anna Fairchild
Stephanie Flores Guerrero
Leslie Fox* – Monica & Malcolm Fox
Elizabeth Furuiye
Stephanie Garvey* – Steve & Christine Schmerge
Dennis Griffing
Sarah Avery Guyver
Marilyn Johnson* – Larry & Jennifer Wolfe 
Lola Kern* – Diane & Kurt Nyffler
Katie Kerwin
Mary Kiesling* – Anna Marie & Sloan Hales
Becky Kutz Osterberg* – Lucie & Harry Osborn
Yi-Ching Lee
Chris Leonard
Sabrina Romney Lloyd* – Steve & Christine Schmerge
Summer Lusk
Ash Mach
Cristian Mazo
Kurt Melendy
Sarah McCoy* – Anonymous
Romina Monsanto
Ava Pacheco
Ian Sawyer* – Thomas & Julie Brantley
Jenny Shea
Katherine Smith* – In memory of Susan Jacobson
Ryan Spencer* – Tracie Caller
Jennifer Swanson* – In memory of Susan Jacobson
Julie Swanty
Suzy Wagner* – Carol & Phillip Velez
Dan Watt* – Anonymous
Jaylene Willhite* – Virginia Macey
Sarah Zhukenova* – Anonymous

*Indicates musicians who have already been adopted.